Apresys D99 Single Use Data Logger

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Brand : Apresys
Model : D99
Accuracy : ± 0.5°C
Resolution : 0.01°F/ 0.01°C
Temperature Range : -40 Degree C to 85 Degree C
Warranty : 1 Years

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Product Description

Apresys D99 In-Transit Single Use Data Logger measures temperature and records data for a maximum of 99 days with a sampling interval for 20 minutes. Reports can be generated & the data can be taken as a copy of the print. The temperature data logger comes with an Ip rating of 65. It is a one time use data logger with USB Port for ease of connection.


Lab, Shipping, Transportation, Food monitoring for cold-chain management, Vaccines refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Chemical medicines monitoring Temperature-sensitive refrigerated daily necessities, freight containers by sea/air, etc.


Easy to use

Efficient, Durable, Portable, Economical and practical for the low-cost requirements.

Shock-proof, dust-proof and waterproof

High accuracy of 0.5 Deg. C

Even if the power is using up, it still can be used for reading and printing data.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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