Bosch GLM 40 Laser Distance Meter

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Brand : Bosch
Model : GLM 40 
Accuracy : ± 1.5mm
Range  : 40m
Warranty : 1 Years

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Bosch Laser Distance Meter is an excellent device which is best suited 
to boost productivity along with majorly aiding in proper mathematical calculation 
with just a press of a few buttons. It is important to point the laser to 
the desired target and the Bosch Laser Distance Meter allows to accurately

 calculate the distance, area, volume, and even add/subtract terms.
 With a measuring distance range of 132 feet,
 it can even operate in an environment which is within
 the temperature range of -10℃ to 50℃.
 This robust distance meter has an inbuilt memory 

function which enables easy access to the last ten measurements.
 It boasts of a shockproof housing with IP54 protection 
class which is splash and dust protected.
 Reliable measuring results have been proven by ISO certification. Opt for this 
three-line display illumination and get better 
readability and accurate results with an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm.

Key Features :
Unit Measurements : m/cm , Ft/Inch.
 Distance measurement, area calculation, 
volume calculation, Addition/Subtraction.
Three-line display illumination for better readability.

Accurate results with the measuring accuracy ± 1.5 mm.
Memory function enables easy access to the last ten measurements.
Robust, shockproof housing with IP54 protection class
(splash and dust protection).

Reliable measuring results in all circumstances, 
proven by ISO certification.
Dust and splash protection IP 54.

Special Functions :

Area and Volume calulation, Distance Measurement
Relaible Measuring results.
Can store upto 10 measurement.
Shockproof & Robust.

Dust and splash protection IP 54.
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Bosch GLM 40 Laser Distance Meter 40m

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Assembling a wardrobe or a table is now a breeze with the Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure. This pocket sized tool is every bit tough as it is sleek. It comes with an easy to read display and the Memory function that makes it a convenient tool for your DIY home installation projects. Its soft grip and convenient size make it an ideal home improvement tool for your DIY projects. It is splash proof and dust resistant which accredits its ISO certification making it a reliable product. It saves the last ten measurements so you do not need to jot them down. By clicking the Function button you can get the last saved measurement on the device. You can take approximately 5000 individual measurements that are accurate thanks to the laser technology.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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