Digital Manometer Testo 510

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Model Name/Number
Measuring range
0 to 100 hPa

±0.03 hPa (0 to 0.30 hPa) 

±0.05 hPa (0.31 to 1.00 hPa) 

±(0.1 hPa + 1.5 % of mv) (1.01 to 100 hPa)

0.01 hPa
Operating temperature
0 to +50 °C
Maximal static pressure
500 mbar
Measuring rate
0.5 s
Storage temperature
-40 to +70 °C

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Digital Manometer Testo 510

Description With the testo 510 differential pressure measuring instrument, heating installers and air conditioning engineers will be well-equipped to carry out their work: the instrument measures differential pressure from 0 to 100 hPa and can help you check filters on air conditioning systems or measure static gas and gas flow pressure on heating systems, for example.


Differential pressure measurement on filters

Air conditioning systems are equipped with filters which prevent dirt from the outside air entering the indoor air. These filters are to be inspected regularly to make sure they are still fully functional. To do this, the pressure is measured in front of and behind the filter. The result is the differential pressure. If it is too high, the filter is contaminated and needs changing.

The testo 510 measures differential pressures in a range of 0 - 100 hPa. The differential pressure measurement is temperature-compensated for exact readings. The readings can be displayed in pascal over the entire measuring range. Magnets on the rear of the instrument allow hands-free work.

Measurement in ventilation ducts

Observance of air flows in the ventilation duct is of utmost importance for the function of the ventilation and air conditioning system. If the air flows are smaller than intended, the removal of room loads (heating, cooling and substance loads) may not be ensured in certain circumstances.

Therefore, the most accurate recording of air flows as possible is particularly important.

In conjunction with a pitot tube, testo 510 measures the air velocity in the range of 10 to 100 m/s. Magnets on the rear of the instrument allow hands-free work.

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Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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