Elitech RC 4HC Temperature Humidity Data Logger With Probe

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Brand : Elitech

Model : RC-4HC

Usage : Industrial

Temperature Range : -30 deg °C to +60 deg °C

With External Probe : -40 deg °C to +85 deg °C

Humidity Range : 0 to 99%RH

Warranty : 1 Years

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Main Functions:

Automatically detect temperature and humidity; automatically upload data; LCD display

Automatically generate reports including Core Data, can be printed or emailed directly and saved forever

Automatically switch to external probe when choose the external sensor

Features start-up delay, temperature correction, serial number setting, switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Graphic user interface

Product Description

Type of Data Logger : Digital Data Logger

Usage/Application : Storage And Ocean/air/highway Transportation Of Foodstuff

Parameter to be Monitored : Temperature + Humidity

Export of Data : Through USB Interface

Brand : Elitech

Model : RC-4HC

Industrial Power Supply : Inner CR2450 battery or power supply via USB interface

Memory : 16000 Points

Warranty : 12 months manufacturer warranty

Temperature Range : -30 deg °C to +60 deg °C

With External Probe : -40 deg °C to +85 deg °C

External Probe Sensor Lenght : 1.1m

Resolution (Humidity) : 0.1%RH

Humidity Range : 0 to 99%RH

Dimensions : 84mm (length) X 44mm (width) X 20 mm (height)


Easy operation

Data can be read, printed and saved conveniently

More functions, flexible setting for better safety

Power Supply - Inner CR2450 battery or power supply via USB interface

Elitech RC – 4HC PDF temperature & humidity data logger features a multifunction LCD alarm indicator, replaceable battery with a buzzer alarm. ... Users can export data in PDF or Excel via Elitech data management software.Get on Vegabazaar  All PDF temperature & humidity data loggers have a three way mounting mechanisms. Do calibration any of instruments at Vega Calibrations and Validations Services LLP

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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