Leica Disto X4 Laser Distance Meter - 150m Measuring Range

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Brand : Leica

Model : X4 

Measuring Range : 0.05m – 150m

Measuring Accuracy : ± 1 mm

Warranty : 3 Years

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Measuring Range: 0.05m – 150m 
both indoors and outdoors, even in bright sunshine
Measuring Accuracy ± 1 mm (ISO 16331-1 certified), 
Digital Pointfinder / Viewfinder with 4x zoom
Dimesions :  132 × 56 × 29 mm

IP65 – 100% water jet protection and dust-tight,
X-Range Power Technology, Large 2″ colour display screen
Measuring Units m, in, ft & 20 Points Memory,

Automatic multi-functional end piece for measuring from corners
P2P technology – distance and area measurements from one position – *DST 360 adapter required,
Leica DISTO Plan – smart measurement documentation
The Leica DISTO X4 is equipped with a Pointfinder camera allowing you to easily target 
distant objects in bright sunlight.

 Even if the laser dot cannot be seen, the target appears clearly on the large colour display.
Measuring Range: 0.05m – 150m both indoors and outdoors, 
even in bright sunshine

The high-resolution screen ensures a crystalclear image. 
Distance measurements are absolutely precise over long distances.
 Tough - The casing and keypad are especially protected against dust and water to achieve the requirements of IP 65 protection. 
This means that the Lecia Disto X4 can be cleaned under running water. 
Special bracing made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic strengthens the device 

inside and solid rubber components protect the sensitive measuring elements against drop-damage.
All these features make the X4 ideal for daily construction site work. 
Pointfinder camera - The Leica DISTO X4 is equipped with a Pointfinder camera, 
allowing for easy targeting of distant objects in bright sunlight.

The laser dot may not be visible but the target object displays clearly on the large,
high-resolution colour display. This makes long distance measurements truly precise. 
P2P technology – distance and area measurements from one position -
 The DST 360 adapter is a great addition for the Leica DISTO X3 and Disto X4.

It transforms the hand-held tool into a sturdy measurement station allowing for precise distance measurements between any two points.
In combination with the Leica DISTO Plan app, floorplans are easily created and can be further processed in CAD.
Leica DISTO Plan – clever measurement documentation - get it vegabazaar  The new DISTO Plan app assists with the vital tasks of documenting and visualising measurements.

Fingers can be used to sketch a floorplan on a smartphone or tablet and corresponding measurements are easily assigned to each line of the plan.
 The app then automatically creates a scaled floorplan.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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