Leica Geosystems D1 40m Bluetooth Laser Distance Meter

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Brand : Leica

Model : D1

Range : 40m

Measuring Range: 0.2m - 40m

Measuring accuracy ± 2mm (ISO 16331-1 certified)

Warranty  : 2 Years

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At the touch of a button the Leica DISTO D1 measures heights, 
distances as well as niches quickly and reliably. Complicated or dangerous measurement situations,
where ladders may be necessary, are now in the past.
The functionality of the DISTO D1 can be extended with the Leica DISTO sketch app. 
With this app you can transfer measuring results to smart phones or tablets, process and forward them.

The compact, easy-to-use Leica DISTO D1 demonstrates the experience of many years and the quality from Leica Geosystems, 
the leading manufacturer of measuring devices.
Using laser technology the device measures distances up to 40 m thereby
surpassing conventional measuring methods with measuring tape and yardstick. 
The functionality can be enhanced with the free DISTO sketch app. 
Using this,measurements are able to be transferred to smartphones or tablets,
processed and forwarded.

Item Dimension: 22.86mm x 43.18mm x 114.3mm

Package Contents: 1-Piece Laser Distance Meter

Product Specifications
Accuracy with Favourable Condition: 2 mm
Accuracy with Unfavourable Condition: 3 mm
Battery Type: AAA
Brand: Leica
Model: Of this D1
Number of Batteries: 2
Protection Rating: IP 54
Weight: 87 grams
Working Temperature: - 0 to 40 degree C

The Leica DISTO D1 is the first in line of the DISTO Family of Bluetooth Laser Distance Meters. This simple model has been stripped back to just the basics. The DISTO D1 gives easy, quick and accurate interior measurements. It is available on vegabazaar  It is perfectly small, light and fits easily into a pocket or handbag.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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