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R-tek RT-80m Laser Distance Meter

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Brand : R-tek

Model : RT80m

Range - 80m

Accuracy : ± 1.5mm 

Warranty : 1 Year

R-tek RT80M Laser Distance Meter Specifications PDF Download

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laser switch off automatically :after 30seconds

Laser Switch off automatically : After 30 seconds

Auto power off : after 3 minutes

Laser type : 635nm<1mW

power supply : Two 1.5VAAbattery

Product information

Brand ?: R-tek

Manufacturer : ?R-tek

Number of Memory Sticks ?: 1

Item Weight ?: 125g

Item part number ?: RT80M

Dimensions : 114.3mm x 43.18mm x 22.86mm

A Laser Distance Meter sends out a finely focused pulse of light to the target and detects the reflection. The meter measures the time between those two events get this device at Vegabazaar and converts this to a distance. A laser distance meter can measure distances of up to 80m with an accuracy of ± 1.5mm.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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