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Tektronix DMM6500 Digital Multimeter

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Brand : Tektronix
Model :DMM6500
Resolution : 10 μV
Voltage : Maximum Voltage Measurement 12 V

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Specification Conditions This document contains specifications and supplemental information for the DMM6500 Multimeter System. Specifications are the standards against which the DMM6500 is tested. Upon leaving the factory, the DMM6500 meets these specifications. Supplemental and typical values are non warranted, apply at 23°C, and are provided solely as useful information. Measurement accuracies are specified for DMM6500 front or rear input terminals and include conversion error for thermocouple, thermistor, and RTD measurements. Measurement Conditions Include: • After a 30-minute warmup period. • 1 PLC or 5 PLC measurement rate; for NPLC settings less than 1 PLC, add appropriate noise error from “Measurement Noise” table. • Autozero enabled. • Calibration period: one year (recommended) or two years. Calibration period may vary depending on customer requirements. • 24-hour accuracy specification is relative to calibrator accuracy. • Communication accessory card slot cover or an optional KTTI interface card is properly installed onthe rear of the unit. Definitions: • TCAL — The temperature at which the instrument was calibrated (23°C for factory calibration). • Temperature coefficient — Additional uncertainty added for each°C outside TCAL ±5°C. • Power Line Cycle (PLC) — 16.67 ms at 60 Hz and 20 ms at 50 Hz or 400 Hz line frequency. Frequency automatically sensed at power up
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Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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