R-tek 4 in 1 Soil Moisture Meter

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Brand : R-tek

4 Different Reading on one Screen

On-Screen Battery Level Indicator

Unit change Switch

200 mm probe to measure the root level

Yellow Backlight Screen

Power sleep mode for long battery life

Portable and Plug and Play device

Warranty : 1 Year

R-tek 4 in 1 Soil Moisture Meter Specifications PDF  Download 

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4 in 1 Soil Meter With PH Detector is a perfect tool to test the soil conditions. It comes with the function to measure Moisture Level of soil (Scale: Dry+, Dry-, Nor, Wet, Wet+)

Sunlight Light Intensity ( Scale 9 Level Low-, Low, Low+, Nor-, Nor, Nor+, High-, High, High+)

PH Level of Soil (Scale: 3.5 to 9.0)

Ambient Temperature (Scale -9℃ to +50℃)

Additionally, it comes with Yellow Backlight LCD and Battery Level Indicator.

Ideal for the gardening of fruits, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, etc.

It is the most demanding and necessary tool for gardeners, vegetable and fruit growers, and all those who plant trees and grass.

The meter can be Simply inserted into the soil with a 200 mm long single probe and switch to the setting you want to measure and read the scale.


Four different soil test meters in one device; Measures moisture, pH/Acidity, Temperature, and light.

100% Accuracy; Easy to read moisture, pH, and light levels; Perfect monitor for growing healthy plants.

Takes the guesswork out of gardening; Know exactly when to water, amend your soil or adjust the lighting.

Compact, portable & easy to use, just plug and use; Compact soil meter works indoor/outdoors.

Save water, energy and keep your plants, lawn, flower in top condition.

Measures moisture at the root level. Power Saving function to keep battery long-lasting

With a 200 mm Single probe easy to rotate the display side for convenient sight

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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