R-tek RT106 Thermo Hygrometer

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Brand : R- tek 

Model : RT106

Temperature Range: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F) 

Humidity Range : 10% to 99%

Temperature Measurement Accuracy : ±1 (1.8 F) 

Humidity Measurement Accuracy : ±5% (40-80%)

Temperature Resolution : 0.1(0.1° F)

Humidity Resolution : 1%

Warranty : 1 Year

 R-tek RT106 Thermo Hygrometer Specifications PDF  Download 

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l. Clock Function: It con display the time, date (from the ycor 2000 to 2099)and can achieve 12/24

hour conversion.

2° Temperature Function : It can display the actual temperature under the current environment

it can achieve the conversion between celsius and fahrenheit , the normal measurement range is-20 ° C-50°C(-4° F-122)

° Humidity Functions: It can display the actual humidity under the current environment the normal

measurement range is 10%-99%.

4- Punctuality Function .

5. Alarm Clock Function.

Il Operation Method :

()) Pull out the battery insulation trip from the back and sound a drop , it means the product can work normally.

(2) Time Adjustment Method: When display normally, long press SET key for 3 seconds, the Minute flashes,

press ADJ key to adjust the Minute, Hour, 12/24 Hour, Year, Month, Date. After adjustment, press SET key

to return the normal time display state on the screen.

Alarm Clock Adjustment Method :

Whea displaying normally , press SET key and display 0:00, long press SET key for 3 seconds, alarm- time

flashes , press ADJ key and adjust alarm time, it indicates the alarm clock opened when  displaying. When

<4> displaying, it means the punctual reminder opened. When both and

and Punctuality started. Under the alarm mode, it will return to the current clock state ifthere ts no any

operations for 30 seconds.

(3) Switch to the calendar display by pressing the ADJ under the current time state and automatically return the

current clock after 5 seconds.


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