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Leica TS01 Total Station 5-Second

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Brand : Leica
Model : TS1
Prism Range : 3000m
Non Prism Range : 500m
Angular Accuracy : 5''
Accuracy : Single prism : 2 mm + 2 ppm
Non-Prism : 3 mm + 2 ppm
Warranty : 1 Years

Leica TS01 Total Station Specifications PDF Download

 Leica TS01 Total Station Specifications PDF  Download 

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Leica TS01 is a classic manual total station for standard measuring tasks, enabling you to carry out most survey and layout tasks easily and efficiently. Be it

l station for standard measuring tasks, enabling you to carry out most survey and layout tasks easily and efficiently. Be it

Leica TS01 Manual Total Station

Leica TS01 Manual Total Station Leica TS01 Manual Total Station is a high-quality, manual total station are based on a proven product concept. Leica TS01 Manual Total Station has been revolution the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200 years. Leica TS01 Manual Total Station empowers you to carry out measurement tasks with ease and simplicity. Leica TS01 Manual Total Station is an entry-level manual total station, created to help you master surveying, layout and mapping projects. Leica TS01 will prove itself in the field and immediately become a valuable member of your team.


5 Angle Measurement Accuracy

3000m Single Prism Range

500 EDM 500m Reflectorless Range

Accuracy The most precise in its class (2 mm + 2 ppm)

Dual axis compensation

Display resolution: 1

50000 points Internal Memory, USB memory for data transfer

240 128 px, grayscale, 28 keys display with background light

IP55 Protection

Laser Plummet for Centering

Leica TS01 Manual Total Station Product Summary


The Leica TS01 Manual Total Station instruments are equipped with a comprehensive application-based software package Leica FlexField software  that enables most survey and stakeout tasks to be carried out easily and efficiently. The new FlexLine manual total stations work reliably and deliver accurate results even in harsh environments.

Work faster

With Leica TS01, measure more points per day due to faster measurement and stakeout procedures (endless drives, trigger key, drives on both sides, pinpoint EDM and more), supported by our comprehensive and user-friendly Leica FlexField software.

Use it trouble-free

WIth Leica TS01, Increase productivity and minimise downtime by relying on instruments that simply work and come with a global service and support network.

Choose products that are built to last

Leica TS01 Manual Total Station operates with the same high level of quality even after years of use under harsh conditions (like mud, dust, blowing rain, extreme heat and cold).

Control your investment

Leica TS01 Total Station comes with reliability, speed and accuracy ensure a lower investment over the product lifetime and a higher resell value.

Technical Specifications

Accuracy Hz and V
Absolute, continuous
Display resolution: 1 (0.1 mgon)
 Dual axis compensation with Hz collimation and V index correction
 Compensator range: +/- 8
Longitudinal level sensitivity: 2/2 mm
Prism (GPR1): 3,000 m
Non-Prism / Any surface
Non-Prism: up to 500 m
Accuracy / Measurement time
Single prism: 2 mm + 2 ppm
Prism mode Standard: 1.5 s
Quick: 1.1 s
Tracking: 0.15 s
Non-Prism: 3 mm + 2 ppm
Non-prism mode
Standard: 1.4 s
Quick: 1.1 s
Laser dot size
At 50 m: 12 mm 24 mm
Magnification: 28x
Focusing range: 1.5 m / 4.92 ft to infinity
Field of view: 1 30/ 1.66 gon
Field width at 100 m: 2.8 m
Adjustable reticule illumination
Display and keyboard
240 128 px, grayscale, 28 keysdisplay background light, face 1
Key illumination

Coarse and fine drive for HZ & V
Operating system: Free RT/OS
Shortcut keys
Power management
Exchangeable Lithium-Ion battery
Operating time with GEB264
up to 24 h
Data storage
Internal memory: 50,000 points
USB memory device for data transfer
USB device
Laser plummet (Laserclass 2)
Plumb line deviation: 1.5 mm at 1.5 m instrument height
Diameter of laser point: 2.5 mm at 1.5 m instrument height
Weight With battery and tribrach
5.9 kg
Environmental specifications
Working temperature range: 20C to +50C
Dust / Water (IEC 60529) / IP55

  1. Overcast, no haze, visibility about 40 km, no heat shimmer
  2. Object in shade, sky overcast, Kodak Gray Card white side (90% reflective)
  3. Up to 200 m. Above 200 m: 5 mm + 3 ppm

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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