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Tsure TS1 Single Use Data Logger With Display

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Brand : Tsure
Model : TS1
Temperature range : -30°C - +60°C
Accuracy :  +0.5°C
Resolution : 0.1°C
Data storage capacity : 10,000 reading
 Tsure TS1 Single Use Data Logger With Display  Specifications PDF  Download 

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Tsure TS1 Single Use Data Logger With Display  

Tsure PDF USB data loggers are truly Reliable; Shrewd and Budgetary loggers. It is extraordinarily intended to get recorded information of Transit Temperature logging readings with no need of Specific Software programming,

PC interface cable or any data reader. Unit can be effectively embed in to your current bundling for the checking and recording of Transit Temperature logging cycle of pharmaceutical, Biological items,

Chemicals, Dairy items, Frozen Foods, Solidified nourishment, farming Products/material, agriculture and a lot progressively delicate shipments. It has a smooth structure with IP67 seal gather pack/bag and it has a preferred position of putting it unreservedly with your important items to record the real temperature.

We have option to Pre-program this logger according to client requirement /specification, So that end user simply needs to start the data loggers and place it with their significant shipments with no need of Laptops/PC. High power LED'S for simple distinguishing proof of Transit caution condition for the gatherer/accepter.

Coordinated A-type USB port for a connection with the PC at the end of gatherer/accepter. No need of any extra equipment, Software or PC-link cable to interface data logger to download logged readings from it. Unit will consequently make a scrambled, verified and un-editable Abode PDF report of all recorded in-travel readings.

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Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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