Leica TS071-R1000 Total Station 1-Second Pro Pack

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Brand : Leica
Model : TS071-R1000
Angular Accuracy : 1''
Warranty : 1 Years

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1 Overview 1.1 Functions The Tunnel app is an onboard software program for tunnel measurements on TS03/TS07 instruments. • Data management Data are, for example, control points, horizontal alignment, vertical alignment and design sections. Data must be saved on the instrument. After inputting the data, they can be verified. • Stake measurements Check cut and fill, stakeout cross sections, measure cross sections, stakeout and profile scan • Browse and delete the measurement results • Data transfer Upload of original data and download of stakeout measurement results for the horizontal and vertical alignment • Data input on the instrument or data upload from PC software • Input of all data of the horizontal alignment at once. • Input of multiple design sections into one measurement • Support of various data output formats Type Known points Measurement points TS03/TS07 £ 100000 £ 60000 The program can be trialled 15 times. After 15 trials, it is necessary to enter the licence code. 1.2 Common Keys and Terms Key Description ESC key. Quits a screen or edit mode without saving changes. Returns to next higher level. Pressing ESC short: Returns to next higher level. Quits a screen or edit mode without saving changes. Pressing ESC long: Returns to the Main Menu. Quits a screen or edit mode without saving changes. Exit To exit the screen or program. OK or Yes To exit the screen or program. Exit or No To cancel the current operation. Term Description Direction Forward direction of the tunnel centreline. The chainage of the centreline increases in this forward direction. 

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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