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Marathon C TEMP-USB -80°C Single Use Data Logger (without display)

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Brand : Marathon
Model : C\TEMP-USB -80°C
Temperature Range : -80°C to +30°C / -113°F to +86°F
Temperature Accuracy : ±0.5°C at 0° to 10°C, ±2.0°C at extremes / ±0.9°F at 32° to 50°F, ±3.6°F at extremes
Temperature Resolution : 0.5°C ( 0.9°F)
Warranty : 1 Year

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Marathon C TEMP-USB -80°C Single Use Data Logger ( without display )

The new compact Marathon c\temp-USB -80°C Single-Use Data Logger dry ice data logger now comes with USB built-in so that downloading data is fast and easy! Connect to your computer and obtain real-time and or stored -80°C readings immediately.

This time-tested dry ice logger, used by Fortune 500 Companies globally for dry ice shipments, NOW comes with USB connectivity. Now connect immediately to your PC with this new USB enhancement without having to worry about bringing the data logger to room temperatures. You asked and we delivered! This new product is IP66 rated for moisture prevention commonly associated with dry ice shipments. Designed for measuring temperatures during the transportation of biologics, vaccines, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and ultra frozen products, this new product will surely satisfy your critical dry ice shipments.

To Start the recorder, simply press the START Button!

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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